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Old Magic - Marianne Curley

Old Magic
Book: Old Magic
Release date: 2002 

Jarrod Thornton is mesmerizing,
but Kate Warren doesn't know why.
The moment the new guy walks into the room, Kate senses something strange and intense about him. Something supernatural. Her instincts are proven correct a few minutes later when, bullied by his classmates, Jarrod unknowingly conjures up a freak thunderstorm "inside" their classroom.

Jarrod doesn't believe in the paranormal. When Kate tries to convince him that he has extraordinary powers that need to be harnessed, he only puts up with her "hocus pocus" notions because he finds her captivating. However, the dangerous, uncontrolled strengthening of his gift finally convinces Jarrod that he must take Kate's theories seriously. Together, they embark on a remarkable journey -- one which will unravel the mystery that has haunted Jarrod's family for generations and pit the teens against immense forces in a battle to undo the past and reshape the future. 

It's a few months ago since I read this one, but I liked it well enough to remember a lot about it.  First of all, the book is all about magic. Not vampires, not werewolves, not angels, just magic. I liked that there was also a bit of history in the book. The story is about Kate and Jarrod. Kate lives with her grandma and knows that she has magical powers. Jarrod however does not. He moves in the same village and Kate recognizes that Jarrod has special powers. Jarrod doesn’t believe her. He has to help her and in order to do just that he has to go on a journey with her. I can’t really say more about the whole journey, because I would reveal to much of the story. The journey in this book is great, the whole adventure is exciting and what they experience is nothing I’ve read about before. I liked that in this book you follow Kate’s mind, but also Jarrod’s mind.  Kate was brave, confident and believed in the unusual. Jarrod had a lot of issues, he couldn’t stand against the popular crowd, he didn’t believe in magic, even though he was capable himself of magic. You get to see him grow a lot and I started to like him more and more. Although I loved that I finally had just one book instead of the first of yet another series, I can’t help but wishing there was at least another one that followed behind.

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